How We Do Things

Absences & Lateness

If your child is absent from School for any reason please phone the School Office on (09) 481 1400 to let us know. You can phone outside of School hours and leave a message on our answer phone.


Assemblies take place at least once each week and alternate between formal, student-lead assemblies and more casual singing assemblies.

Classroom Overview

Students stay with their home class and teacher for most lessons, but may work with other teachers across their team for various learning activities. We have specialist teachers for Technology, Science, Music, Arts and Languages.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child at School please contact your child's teacher as soon as possible to arrange a time to talk. It is a lot easier to resolve issues or problems if they are addressed early on and the classroom teacher is the first point of contact. If you still have concerns or questions after that please contact our Principal Ben Kelsey.


Teachers can be contacted via the School Office or via the contact form on each staff member's profile on the Meet the Staff page.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic at Northcote Intermediate School is now officially closed. Unless a transportable dental unit is onsite, we recommend you contact the Auckland Regional Dental Service to discuss your needs:

0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583)

Donation & Technology Fees


The $200.00 donation per student helps to close the gap between the money we get from the Ministry of Education to run the School and the actual cost to run the School, which is well above this.

Schools are funded on rates based on the number of students and also the decile of the School. As we are a mid-decile School with a relatively small roll, we rely on the donation to pay for things like broadband internet access, upgrading of computers in the classrooms and computer pods, new sports equipment (such as new netball posts, soccer nets and hockey sticks), library books and classroom resources.

We offer the option of paying off technology fees and the School donation in installments. Please contact Debbie Doubleday in the School Office if you would like more information about how you can do this.


Technology Fee

The $100.00 technology fee and $35.00 maths resource fee per student pays for materials for the technology programmes throughout the year, along with annual access to our online maths resource. 


EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom)


We are into challenge here! At Northcote Intermediate School you can expect to be taken out of your comfort zone a little with our EOTC programme. We offer various activities outside of the class environment, including sports camps, School camps (bi-yearly at this time) and other enriching experiences.


Last year we challenged ourselves at the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre in Torbay. Students took part in raft building, kayaking, abseiling, tree climbing and lots of sports and beach activities. There is no shortage of parents wanting to help on these School camps.



ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages)

Additional English lessons are available for students whose first language is not English and who require further English support. We have a specialist teacher onsite weekly to conduct these lessons.

Extension Programmes

There are many opportunities at NIS for students with identified skills and qualities to be extended and enriched.


Within classroom programmes students may be ability-grouped for a variety of subjects. Mathematics is streamed across teams for each strand. Literacy options for extension include working with the correspondence school to complete Year 9 English Units, participation in the Kids Lit Quiz and attending the Auckland Writer's Festival.

We also offer the opportunity for any student to choose to enter the ICAS exams (preciously known as the "New South Wales Exams") in Digital Tech, Science, English, Writing, Spelling and Mathematics.

Performing Arts

Those passionate about music may well find a place in one of a number of Music Enrichment Programmes. These programmes include rock bands, harmony-focused vocal ensembles, and instrument ensembles. NIS's Rock Band have consistently done well in various junior regional and national band competitions.

Visual Arts

For the artistically gifted there is an Art Extension Programme run by Mrs Philippa Barret-Garner.

EZ Lunch Scheme


NIS offers School lunch orders through our supplier, Ezlunch. 

Ezlunch is a convenient and affordable way to have healthy, hot and cold lunches delivered directly to school. Simply join Ezlunch, order online or by text message, and a freshly prepared lunch will be on its way to your child at school.

If you need help, contact the helpdesk on 09 475 5287 or 0800 EZLUNCH or email






EZ Lunch Brochure

First Aid & Illness

The Sick Bay Room, located in the Office Block, is available for treatment of minor injuries. In the event of a more serious injury, or illness preventing your child from participating in classroom activities, we will get in touch with listed caregivers and/or emergency contacts. Please ensure a student's contact details are up-to-date at all times for this reason. Please do not send your child to School if they are unwell.


Homework will be given weekly; approximately 45 minutes each night. The purpose of giving homework is to reinforce work being taught at School and to establish good work habits that will assist in a smooth transition to college.

Homework, where possible, will relate to the current classroom programme and will usually include Maths and English. It should not be new learning and should be work that children can complete independently. For children with special learning needs, homework tasks and expectations may be modified.

All homework will be marked by the classroom teacher and there are consequences for non-completion of homework.

Each teacher has a different method for handing out and returning of homework - your child's teacher will let you know what their system is. If you have any concerns about homework during the year please see your child's teacher in the first instance.

Leadership Opportunities

Being a small School, all students are given a number of opportunities to develop their leadership skills. NIS elects Student Leaders each year including Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, along with leaders in the following areas:






Student Leaders meet regularly and are called upon to represent the School at official functions, to welcome visitors to our School and report back to their classes.

Bi-weekly assemblies are run by classrooms and students have to organise the format, guest speakers and items, as well as present weekly awards.

Newsletters & Notices


Newsletters are sent (emailed) every second Wednesday and keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the School. Please make sure you have provided us with a current email address so you don't miss receiving these newsletters.

Our latest newsletter - along with past newsletters - is available under the Newsletter Archive. You can also access the latest newsletter via the link on our Home page.

We also share our newsletters on our Facebook page. Please "Like" our NIS Facebook Page and select "Get Notifications" (hover over the "Like" button to reveal this option).


Sports notices will be sent home at regular intervals letting you know about upcoming sports events. 


Our preferred payment option is through the Edge Parent Portal on the MUSAC website. Simply log in and you will be able to see items that are due to be paid. Payments can be made in full or in part. Depending on the payment option you choose (bank transfer or credit card) you will be redirected to either POLi or Paystation, respectively.

What if I have never logged in before?

If you have never logged in, simply enter the email address you provided to the School and click the "Forgot Password?" link. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set a password.

What if I have not provided an email to the Schoool?

If you have not provided an email to the School or you email address has changed, please contact Debbie Doubleday at the office.

Payments can also be made by direct bank deposit into ASB Bank account 12-3053-0365947-00. Please ensure you indicate in the reference who and what the payment is for.

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

We have a small but active PTA who focus on raising funds to support projects which benefit the School community and our students. The PTA works in co-operation with School and provides assistance where they can. Previous PTA projects have included the purchase of musical instruments for the School, assisting the School with improving its IT infrastructure and funding the School Yearbook and student awards.

The PTA is a volunteer, non-profit organisation and are always on the lookout for new members or just a helping hand. Joining is a great opportunity to get to know more about the School, meet new people and form friendships, as well as making a real difference to your School. You can be involved as little or as much as you like and we welcome parents, caregivers and teachers to come to our events and meetings.

If you would like further information please email the School Office and we can pass on your details.


School starts at 8:45 am and all students are expected to be at School by 8:30 am at the latest. This allows them to catch up with friends briefly, arrive at their classroom and get everything ready for the start of the day. We ask for your support in ensuring your child is at School by 8.30 am each day.

If your child is late to School for any reason, they are required to sign in electronically at the School Office.  

School Hours

Monday - Friday

Start:  8:45am
Block 1: 9:00am
Eating Break: 10:30am
Break 1: 10:35am
Block 2: 11:15am
Eating Break: 12:45pm
Break 2: 12:55pm
Block 3: 1:35pm
End: 3:00pm

Please Note: These times are subject to change in certain circumstances (e.g. early finish due to Parent/Teacher/Student interviews).

School Rules

Manners, Respect, Discipline and Behaviour Management

The rules of Northcote Intermediate School can be summarised with a single word: RESPECT.

This can be expanded to include the following:

  • Others
  • Yourself
  • The Environment

We have kept the School rules very simple so that it is easy for students to know what is acceptable and what is not. We have a very rigorous behaviour management programme.

Manners and showing respect are very important at our School. We expect students to treat all adults and other students in the School with respect and to speak in a polite and pleasant manner. Swearing and abusive language is not permitted at School.

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind - physical, verbal, social or emotional.  We will deal swiftly with any instances of bullying as soon as we are notified that there is a problem. Consequences for breaches of our behaviour programme and School rules vary depending on the individual circumstances and situation.

Special Needs

Northcote Intermediate School supports students who need extra assistance.  We have an active SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) who is able to assist with developing individualised programmes for students who have differing needs. We work closely with other organisations and disciplines such as RTLB (Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour).  Some of our students are eligible for Ministry funded assistance in the form of Teacher Aides, and we are lucky to have some amazing staff in these roles at NIS.

"Support for students with learning needs is relevant and effective. Literacy support programmes link well to classroom programmes so that students have the confidence to participate with their peers. The learning support class, school counsellor and mentoring programme all benefit student well-being and learning."

- ERO 2010

Sporting Opportunities

Are you nuts about sport? Then Northcote Intermediate School is the place for you! We have sports teams in most of the main sporting codes and we participate in the Intermediate Zone Sports days (where we perform very well). We have whole School sports once a week, daily fitness and organised lunchtime sports games most days.



The stationery list is included in the school prospectus and can be downloaded from our website. Stationery lists will also be given to Year 7 students (current Year 6 students) on the Orientation Day in November and to Year 8 students (current Year 7 students) at the end of the School year.

We do not sell stationery at School as we can not compete in terms of price with the major stationery providers. All students should have their full stationery package at School at the commencement of Term 1. Please ensure all items are named.  Students are not allowed to tag or draw on covers or inside exercise books.

Stationery List 2017 (for 2018)


For safety reasons, please do not park in our bus bay at the front of the School between the hours of 8.30am- 9.00am and 3:00pm - 3:20pm.  Our School buses need to have clear access to this area. If you are picking  your child up after School please arrange to meet them away from the bus bay. 

Bus timetables can be found by clicking on the following link:

View additional Auckland Transport bus information.

Bus Behaviour

Bus Time Table


We are very proud of our uniform at Northcote Intermediate School and encourage our students to wear their uniform with pride in the School and the Community. Please help us by ensuring that your child has their name on each item of their uniform.

-Children must wear full formal uniform to and from School unless attending a sports training.

-Children must bring a note from a parent or caregiver if they do not have all items of their uniform at School.

-Jewellery - one watch and one pair of plain ear studs - one in each ear - are the only items of jewellery permitted.

-Makeup - no makeup is permitted. This includes mascara, eye liner and nail polish.

-Uniforms need to be clean and repaired if they are damaged or torn.

-Shoes need to be clean.

-Long hair must be tied back at all times. 

Uniforms can be ordered directly from our supplier, The Uniform Shoppe. Shop hours are (from February):

Tuesday & Thursday, 11am - 6pm
Netball North Harbour
Barfoot and Thompson Netball Centre
44 Northcote Road
Auckland 0627



Uniform Regulations

Uniform List 2017 (for 2018)