FIRST is our Learner Profile at Northcote Intermediate School.

As a learning community we are committed to ensuring that our young people have the very best educational opportunities. Our aim is for all our learners to be FIRST learners by the end of Year Eight. This will mean they are well equipped to work through challenges and sustain a positive mindset towards lifelong learning and development.

FIRST directly links to our nationally shared vision, values and key competencies outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Future Focused

  • Learners understand their role as a global citizen and are equipped with skills to take action and make a difference
  • Learners use contexts and issues that are relevant now and in the future to drive their learning
  • Learning is structured and approached with a shared language through our school learning model


  • To be inspired is being motivated, wanting to be better, growing as an individual and with those around you. It’s about having an energy that uplifts and builds confidence and a desire to make great things happen.
  • Not only do we aim to inspire our students and staff – we aim for them to inspire others.
  • Being role models who others look up to, making good decisions and standing up for what is right and sharing this with others – being inspired gives a positive energy that drives us forward.


  • Students develop strategies for coping in varied situations. 
  • Students develop growth mindsets, and the ability to adapt.


  • Learners making connections and being part of positive learning relationships
  • Learners making the most of new opportunities that challenge and extend them in both learning and extracurricular experiences
  • Learners being able to monitor their own learning pathways, setting goals, celebrating success and having the skills to work through challenges


  • Learners are able to think creatively, applying what they have learnt to different situations
  • Learners can see things from different perspectives, problem-solve and think outside the box
  • Learners are critical thinkers who compare and are able to make sound judgments, backed with evidence or opinion
  • When learners are thinkers they are sound decision makers


School Values

Our values at Northcote Intermediate School can be summarised with a single word: RESPECT

This can be expanded to include the following:


  • Learners respecting themselves
  • Learners respecting others
  • Learners respecting their environment


Our school values of respect also align with our learner profile of FIRST.

Our values have been kept very simple so that it is easy for students to know what is expected at our school. 


Our Learning Process

At Northcote Intermediate School learners stay with their home class and teacher for most lessons, but may work with other teachers across their team for various learning experiences as we move towards a more collaborative approach in regards to effective teaching and learning.

Why do we need a learning process model?

  • To create and sustain a shared language of learning across the school
  • To create and sustain a shared approach towards effective teaching and learning practices
  • To support our learners to problem solve and build thinking independence when they get stuck in their learning
  • To raise cognitive ability (Teacher and learners as co-thinker collaborators) - to think about our thinking